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Crystal Healing Pendant

Crystal Healing Pendant

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Each Unit includes 1pc pendant (without string).

Pendant Shape is irregular.


Red Carnelian has been known throughout the ages as the most potent tool to naturally increase motivation, strength, leadership, endurance and courage as well as bring Inspiration to its owner. Wearing it daily will help you overcome the difficult areas of your life and help bring Success to everything you touch. This gemstone works with the Base and Sacral Chakras and is birthstone for the zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

The tourmaline crystal stone necklace is made of tourmaline; And the black tourmaline belongs to a powerful grounding stone and is electrical in nature, which will provide a connection between the Earth and the human spirit; The tourmaline crystal stone necklace will help you purify and eliminate the negative thoughts and internal the conflicts, turning them into the positive and usable energy

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Countries that can be shipped:

US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,Netherlands,Switzerland,Belgium,Finland,Portugal,Sweden,Denmark.

Shipping Policy & Prices

All orders are typically shipped within 1-3 working days.
All orders are shipped from our China warehouse.
The delivery of air shipping ( FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL,US Air Packet ) will cost around 5-10 working days.

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FedEx 1KG–1.49KG USD$33.80
FedEx 1.5KG–1.99KG USD$38.10
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FedEx 2.5KG–2.99KG USD$47.30
FedEx 3KG–3.49KG USD$53.50
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FedEx 6.5KG–6.99KG USD$112.30
FedEx 7KG–7.49KG USD$119.40
FedEx 7.5KG–7.99KG USD$126.60
FedEx 8KG–8.49KG USD$133.70
FedEx 8.5KG–8.99KG USD$140.80
FedEx 9KG–9.49KG USD$148.00
FedEx 9.5KG–9.99KG USD$155.00
FedEx 10KG–10.49KG USD$161.20
FedEx 10.5KG–10.99KG USD$167.20
FedEx 11KG–11.49KG USD$173.20
FedEx 11.5KG–11.99KG USD$179.30
FedEx 12KG–13.99KG USD$212.60
FedEx 14KG–15.99KG USD$247.20
FedEx 16KG–17.99KG USD$273.50
FedEx 18KG–19.99KG USD$299.90
FedEx 20KG–24.99KG USD$341.30
FedEx 25KG–29.99KG USD$409.60
FedEx 30KG–34.99KG USD$477.80
FedEx 35KG–39.99KG USD$546.10
FedEx 40KG–44.99KG USD$614.30
FedEx 45KG–49.99KG USD$682.60
FedEx 50KG–54.99KG USD$750.80
FedEx 55KG–59.99KG USD$819.50
FedEx 60KG–64.99KG USD$887.40
FedEx 65KG–69.99KG USD$955.60
FedEx 70KG–74.99KG USD$1,023.90
FedEx 75KG–79.99KG USD$1,092.10
UPS 1.5KG–2KG USD$38.00
UPS 2.01KG–3KG USD$51.20
UPS 3.01KG–4KG USD$64.30
UPS 4.01KG–5KG USD$77.40
UPS 5.01KG–6KG USD$90.00
UPS 6.01KG–7KG USD$102.70
UPS 7.01KG–8KG USD$115.90
UPS 8.01KG–9KG USD$129.10
UPS 9.01KG–10KG USD$142.10
UPS 10.01KG–11KG USD$151.80
UPS 11.01KG–12KG USD$163.50
UPS 12.01KG–13KG USD$175.40
UPS 13.01KG–14KG USD$187.40
UPS 14.01KG–15KG USD$199.10
UPS 15.01KG–16KG USD$211.00
UPS 16.01KG–17KG USD$223.20
UPS 17.01KG–18KG USD$235.80
UPS 18.01KG–19KG USD$248.30
UPS 19.01KG–20KG USD$260.70
UPS 20.01KG–21KG USD$240.00
UPS 21.01KG–22KG USD$251.50
UPS 22.01KG–23KG USD$262.90
UPS 23.01KG–24KG USD$274.30
UPS 24.01KG–25KG USD$285.80
UPS 25.01KG–26KG USD$297.20
UPS 26.01KG–27KG USD$308.60
UPS 27.01KG–28KG USD$320.00
UPS 28.01KG–29KG USD$299.50
UPS 29.01KG–30KG USD$309.50
UPS 30.1KG–31KG USD$320.00
UPS 31.01KG–32KG USD$365.80
UPS 32.01KG–33KG USD$377.20
UPS 33.01KG–34KG USD$388.60
UPS 34.01KG–35KG USD$400.00
UPS 35.01KG–36KG USD$411.50
Customs and import taxes:
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes for their purchases. We are not responsible for any delays from customs.

Kindly note that:
We reserve the right to use a comparable shipping method when necessary.
Damage/ Missing / Defective, please report damaged, missing, or defective within 48 hours after you get the parcel. And take pictures and send them to contact us in time.
Tracking number will be sent via email at the time of shipment or as soon as they are available. We will monitor closely of your parcel status to ensure smooth delivery.
Worldwide shipping is always available. International clients are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We cannot be responsible for items damaged, broken, or delayed/lost/stolen due to customs.
Still have questions?
If you have any questions or concerns about our Shipping Policy, please contact us.
We have three main priorities when it comes to shipping:
Getting your crystals to you safely.
Using Earth friendly packing materials & reducing our carbon footprint saving you money.
All of our shipping materials are either reused, recyclable, or biodegradable, including our bubble wrap.

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